COCM Cares!

COCM celebrates a “Capstone Cares” week each year, where we unite as a company to give back to our local community. This year, employees from COCM’s home office and their family members, spent a day at Oliver Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama helping with a variety of projects.


Traffic flow “Lion Paws” were painted on the hallway floors, trash was picked up from all over the school grounds, and a significant amount of work was accomplished in their urban garden classroom.


COCM was honored to partner with Oliver Elementary and make a small contribution to the important job they carry out every day. We’d love to hear how you are making an impact in your community!


Monique is the Vice President of Marketing at COCM. In her role, she supports the development and implementation of the annual corporate marketing plan. She is responsible for the social media outlets utilized by COCM, as well as the creation and distribution of press releases pertaining to COCM, as well as those related to COCM site activities.