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With the recent suicide of Robin Williams, I think it was a very heartbreaking yet harsh reality about depression and suicide.  I’m glad that it is bringing awareness to the topic.  Because we work in housing, we may be the ones who catch on to these signs more than parents or families of students who are far away from them.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death of college students and many struggle with depression and anxiety.

I think it is a perfect time to re-educate ourselves on our client population and some of the struggles they may be dealing with.  There are so many articles about it, but here is a blurb with some informative stats relative to college students and depression.

I worked as a health promoter in the past, so this is a topic (among many) that is important to me and I know important to housing administrators.


2014 Move In Photo Contest

2013 Move In Contest Winner: The University of Houston

It’s that time of year again… That time when the masses of students are migrating back to campus and moving trucks are getting ready to be unloaded.  It’s one of the busiest times of the year for on-campus housing – move-in!  And we’d love to see you in action.  So, we’re putting on the photo contest again, with tons of opportunities to win.  See the finalists from last year!

Here’s the deal:  EVERY SINGLE DAY starting tomorrow, Friday, August the 15th, and going all the way until Sunday, August the 31st, we’re giving away a $20 gift card for the best photo we receive.  AND at the end of the two weeks, we’ll vote for an overall winner that will win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Schools across the country have all different move-in dates that stretch from August through September, and so if your institution is moving-in outside of this time frame, do not fret!  Move-in is a much bigger process than the actual moving of the boxes!  We want to see all facets of the move-in process!

  • Turn
  • RA training
  • Move-in prep
  • Registration
  • Students moving in
  • Volunteers helping
  • Any anything else associated with the move-in process!!

You can win multiple times, so send us your best pictures as you get them!  You can submit your photos four different ways:

We’ll be posting the daily winners on Twitter, Instagram, and here on the blog so make sure to follow along.

Knowing and Knowing Better – An Interview with Dr. Peggy Williams


Dr. Peggy Williams began her career as a social worker, and upon entering the field of higher education she held various faculty and administrative positions within the Vermont State College system and at Trinity College in Burlington, VT. She served as president of Lyndon State College for eight years prior to being named the seventh—and first woman—president of Ithaca College, where she served for 11 years.

Dr. Williams joined us for a chat about her experiences from living in a residence hall, to working in higher education, to being a university president.  She talks about what higher ed means to her and the concept of “Knowing and Knowing Better.”

Points to to Ponder…


This blog by Stacy Oliver has a variety of points to consider so I wanted to share two that jumped out at me:

Are you choosing to engage in professional social media exchanges?

My social media experience has been limited but I understand the value. Here is what I’ve gained from it.

  • Selected Twitter to be my professional avenue and keep Facebook / IG for personal use.
  • Exposed to articles posted by others on Twitter I wouldn’t have have had exposure to otherwise
  • Fostered connections which have resulted in pro dev opportunities
  • Positive way to promote Capstone and educate our profession about the work we do

Are we making decisions related to our operations based on social justice practices?

  • I’ll just let you ponder that one……

This might be a cool staff meeting agenda topic.

Happy reflecting and let us know your thoughts.

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The Podcast Is On The Road At NACUBO – Day Two, Monday July 21th

NACUBO_imgBack for day two at the NACUBO Annual Conference.  If you missed yesterday, make sure and check it out HERE.  And if you see us walking around doing interviews, make sure and say hello!

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