The Podcast Is On The Road At NACUBO – Day Two, Monday July 21th

NACUBO_imgBack for day two at the NACUBO Annual Conference.  If you missed yesterday, make sure and check it out HERE.  And if you see us walking around doing interviews, make sure and say hello!

The Podcast Is On The Road At NACUBO – Day One, Sunday July 20th

NACUBO_imgThis week on the “Student Housing Matters” podcast, we packed up our microphones and headed to the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) annual meeting in Seattle, Washington, to talk to some of the leaders and big thinkers in the higher ed community.  Throughout this week we’ll be posting a few short interviews from the conference each day.  We’ll talk about things  ranging from specific topics going on at the conference to current trends in the higher education world from all  different perspectives.  So check back every day for new content. These are the highlights from Sunday July 20th.




Mental Health and Substance Abuse On College Campuses

BeazleyThe Student Housing Matters blog and podcast exist to provide a place where topics relevant to on-campus student housing can have the spotlight. One such issue is the very important topic of mental health.  All across the country there are rising numbers of students on college campuses dealing with serious mental health problems that are seeking treatment at campus counseling centers.  On this episode of the podcast we were pleased to have two professionals from the University of Connecticut’s Department of Counseling and Mental Health Services join us.

Jonathan Beazley is the Alcohol and other drug Interventionist at the University of Connecticut and has served in this role since 2009. He is a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Connecticut and has been in the field of behavioral health since 1979. Throughout his career he has served in numerous clinical and managerial roles across the spectrum of mental health and substance abuse programs and organizations. He is a frequent presenter and educator on subjects associated with substance abuse and other mental health issues.


Also joining us is Paige Hover, a clinical psychology doctoral student from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Connecticut’s Counseling and Mental Health Services. She has worked in various settings with clients who struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues including a correctional facility, a psychiatric hospital and a residential substance abuse treatment program.  Upon completion of her doctoral degree in July, 2014, she plans to pursue a career in college counseling specializing in substance use treatment and outreach prevention programs

Facilitating the discussion in todays podcast is Capstone On Campus’s Becky Sierp,  Becky currently serves as a Director for Facilities & Administration for The Heights residence hall at Montclair State University.

5 Tips for Managing a Smooth and Successful Turn

imagesManaging a turn process in student housing can be a complicated task, especially when you have a short period of time to get it all done. At Millennium Hall, Paca and Tubman Houses, we have a range of summer student housing and summer conferences that require rooms being ready anywhere between two days and two weeks after spring closing. This year I found a few key things that helped get us through the madness just a bit easier than in years past. Here are my top 5 tips that I believe helped considerably in getting us through the transition this time around:

1)      Planning Ahead: I’m talking months ahead. In thinking about years past and how stressed everyone was during turn, I realized I needed to do some better planning and preparing staff well in advance for what they should anticipate. Including them in the planning process is also key. This means everyone that will be involved in the turn process.

2)      Providing Necessities: This doesn’t just involve tools and equipment needed to get the job done! Making sure staff have food, water, coffee and/or snacks on hand will help during long hours of work. Although I normally keep these things handy during the year, I make sure to have extra for those on the go.

3)      Frequent Check-Ins: This is the one thing I believe helped the most. Anywhere between once or twice a day, I check in with the turn team to see where we are. Breaking turn into small components helped to keep the team on task, focus on small tasks at a time and not become overwhelmed by the big picture.

4)      Being Realistic: I made sure that my team understood well in advance that this would be an extremely busy time of year and they should expect to work overtime to get it all done.

5)      Get in the Trenches: As the leader of my team and knowing what I know about number 4, I need to help out where I can as well. I got involved in room inspections, damage billing and taking daily tasks off the plate of those directly involved in turn which helped minimize stress levels that I have seen in years past.


Have any tips to share about how your team manages the demands of turn season?  We’d love to hear them!Jennifer formal

University of Wisconsin-Platteville and the Surrounding Community Rebuilds

On June 16, 2014 an EF2 tornado struck the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, causing more than $10 million in damage to, most notably, two residence halls, the university football stadium and soccer stadium.   Thankfully, no one on campus was injured during the storm that also caused damage to the surrounding Platteville area.

You don’t want to miss these two short inspirational videos from the Chancellor and a staff member at Rountree Commons – one of the residence halls that sustained heavy damage during the storm.

Both are testaments to the Pioneer Spirit!

Rountree Commons

Chancellor Dennis Shields Addresses Staff and Tours Damaged Buildings Recovery

Our thoughts are with the UW-Platteville faculty, staff and students as they re-build their campus in the coming days and weeks.

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