Caring for Student Residents and Personnel during COVID-19 – with Heather Smith

Over the past few months as the COVID-19 induced quarantine has evolved, COCM has been determined to catch up with […]

Addressing Workplace Bullying in Student Affairs– with Heidi Yoder

Heidi Yoder began researching workplace bullying within student affairs in the Fall of 2018. She is the author of an article in About Campus titled, When the compassionate are abusive: workplace bullying and student affairs. Today, Heidi joins me to share some of her insights on preventing toxic workplace environments and handling instances of abusive leadership and workplace bullying.

Building a Community Beyond Higher Ed – with Nicole Terrell

It’s well known that a career in higher education leaves you with many transferable skills. Are those skills useful outside of your workplace? How can we use what we’ve learned working with students to better ourselves and our communities? Today, Tara reconnects with Nicole Terrell, former COCM Assistant Director at Marshall University, to discuss how Nicole’s time as an AD impacted her.

Chosen for a Career in Higher Ed – with Rafael Cordwell

Rafael Cordwell believes that you don’t choose your profession, your profession chooses you. And in the beginning, Raf resisted a career in student affairs—despite encouragement from more than one supervisor at SCSU. Today, Raf joins me to explain what changed his mind about higher ed and share his experience at the prestigious Ujima Institute.

What Would Winston Churchill Say About the Current Situation with Coronavirus? – with Dr. Larry P. Arnn

Winston Churchill led Britain through both World Wars. But how would he fight the invisible enemy we face today? How might Churchill approach the current situation with Coronavirus? Today, Dr. Larry P. Arnn joins guest host Alton Irwin to explore how we might leverage Churchill’s leadership principles to combat COVID-19.

Top Channels for Communicating with Students – with Mellissa Taylor

What did Mellissa Taylor learn as the face of student housing at UAB during her tenure at COCM? Today, she joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to discuss her responsibilities as Marketing Manager with Capstone, the enduring relationships she built with colleagues there, and the most effective channels for communicating with students!

Build Lasting Influence with Infrastructure – with Tricia Wells

In her ten years at COCM, Trisha Wells played a major role in developing the infrastructure we use today, creating several of the programs, initiatives and systems that make our jobs easier. Today, she joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to reflect on her lasting influence and explain why relationships matter so much in higher ed!

Getting Connected on a New Campus – with Amy Lorenz

Student affairs professionals are sometimes hesitant to pursue a role with COCM, thinking that the transition back to a university setting will be challenging. Today, Amy Lorenz joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to share her successful move from facilities and operations at Capstone to UNF, explaining how to make connections on a new campus!

How Student Housing Skills Translate to Other Roles – with Jen Oliver

How can we develop the courage to ask what’s really important to us and align our choices accordingly? Today, Jen Oliver joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to discuss how she learned to prioritize her family and community and explain how the skills she learned in student housing apply to her new role!

Leveraging Support to Initiate BIG Change – with Jes Lassiter

If you’re looking to make a big change, the first step is to share your intentions—and then accept help when it’s offered. Today, guest host Tara Wilkinson is joined by Jes Lassiter to explain how the support she received from colleagues in higher ed at COCM inspired her to pursue an extraordinary venture!