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It's about matters relating to on-campus student housing, as well as why quality on-campus student housing really matters. We want this blog to serve as a forum for sharing ideas and insights about how your on-campus student housing can do things beyond simply housing students. How it can be used as a more powerful tool to recruit and retain students on your campus. We look forward to your participation!



Build Lasting Influence with Infrastructure – with Tricia Wells

In her ten years at COCM, Trisha Wells played a major role in developing the infrastructure we use today, creating several of the programs, initiatives and systems that make our jobs easier. Today, she joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to reflect on her lasting influence and explain why relationships matter so much in higher ed!

Getting Connected on a New Campus – with Amy Lorenz

Student affairs professionals are sometimes hesitant to pursue a role with COCM, thinking that the transition back to a university setting will be challenging. Today, Amy Lorenz joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to share her successful move from facilities and operations at Capstone to UNF, explaining how to make connections on a new campus!

How Student Housing Skills Translate to Other Roles – with Jen Oliver

How can we develop the courage to ask what’s really important to us and align our choices accordingly? Today, Jen Oliver joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to discuss how she learned to prioritize her family and community and explain how the skills she learned in student housing apply to her new role!

Leveraging Support to Initiate BIG Change – with Jes Lassiter

If you’re looking to make a big change, the first step is to share your intentions—and then accept help when it’s offered. Today, guest host Tara Wilkinson is joined by Jes Lassiter to explain how the support she received from colleagues in higher ed at COCM inspired her to pursue an extraordinary venture!

Give to Receive & Succeed in Student Housing – with Jeremy Thompson

The amount of effort, dedication and heart you put into a career in student housing is directly correlated with what you get back. Today, Jeremy Thompson, Regional VP of COCM, joins me to discuss the rewards of mentoring a team and offer insight on approaching the profession with a willingness to give!

Marrying Access + Excellence in Higher Ed – with Dr. Eileen Strempel

How can we be elite without being elitist? Today, I’m joined by Dr. Eileen Strempel to discuss the marriage of access with excellence in higher ed. She shares her commitment to being an unabashed champion of transfer students and describes our responsibility to be responsive and welcoming to the shifting demographics of the student body.

Making Strategic Career Moves to Find Your Unicorn Job – with Heather O’Leary-Agosta

How do you find your unicorn job? Today, guest host Tara Wilkinson is joined by Heather O’Leary-Agosta to explain how strategic career moves that focus less on titles and more on the students you serve can lead to an ideal role. They also reflect on the lasting professional connections made during their time together at COCM!

Perspectives on Student Housing Facilities and Operations – Recorded LIVE at the 2019 Annual Meeting with COCM Assistant Directors

What all is involved in running a student housing site? And who are the people behind the scenes managing and operating all the jobs that need to get done? During the 2019 COCM Annual Meeting, we sat down with four assistant directors – with various roles, including building operations, maintenance, business operation, and residence life – to learn from their experiences and stories.

Reflections on Working in Student Housing – with Brian Collins

After working with COCM for over 10 years, IT Coordinator, Brian Collins, made the decision to move to a new company in a new professional field. Brian explains why he needed this shift and encourages others at COCM that the need for growth doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the company to find ways to stretch yourself – he suggests to engage in opportunities outside of your defined roles, and see what you learn.

Lessons-learned from Student Housing Professionals – Recorded LIVE at the 2019 Annual Meeting

What does it mean to be a student housing professional? And what all does it take to manage and operate student housing with a campus partner? During the 2019 COCM Annual Meeting, we sat down with four directors of housing to learn from their experiences and stories.