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It's about matters relating to on-campus student housing, as well as why quality on-campus student housing really matters. We want this blog to serve as a forum for sharing ideas and insights about how your on-campus student housing can do things beyond simply housing students. How it can be used as a more powerful tool to recruit and retain students on your campus. We look forward to your participation!



Podcast | How I Got Into Student Housing – Gretchen Smutney

In this “How I Got Into Student Housing” series, we’ve been talking to housing professionals to understand how they got into […]

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Glen Oaks Community College Broke Ground This Week on New Student Housing

Congratulations to Glen Oaks Community College for breaking ground this week on a new 108-bed student housing community. We wish […]

The Challenge Continues…High School Grad Rates to Drop Significantly

The future challenges all student housing professionals to position their programs to make living on campus a more powerful recruiting and […]

Podcast | Solving The Resident Package Delivery Problem

Va’Shajn Parr, Director of the on-campus communities of University Village and the Quad at CSU San Marcos, spoke with us […]

Podcast | How We Got To COCM – Will Davenport and Alton Irwin

Chief Operating Officer of COCM, Will Davenport and Chief Marketing Officer, Alton Irwin sat down with us to talk about […]

Podcast | How We Got To COCM – Doug Brown and Sandy Hill

President of COCM, Doug Brown and Executive Vice President, Sandy Hill sat down with us to talk about how they […]

Employee Spotlight – Abreonia Webster

We’re rolling out a new feature that we’ll be doing from time to time, just to introduce you some of […]

Podcast | The Relationship Between A Research University And A School of Fine Arts

Nancy Uscher was kind enough to join the podcast for a second time.  When we first talked to her in […]

Winners of the Move-In Photo Contest!

We wanted to announce the winners of the 2016 move-in photo contest!  This was a seriously tough task with all […]