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It's about matters relating to on-campus student housing, as well as why quality on-campus student housing really matters. We want this blog to serve as a forum for sharing ideas and insights about how your on-campus student housing can do things beyond simply housing students. How it can be used as a more powerful tool to recruit and retain students on your campus. We look forward to your participation!



The ACE Fellows Program – Focusing On Facilities in Student Attainment

As Doug Brown noted in a post on this blog earlier this summer, student facilities play a major role in […]

The College Advantage: Weathering the Economic Storm

If you have a day when you wonder if working in Higher Education or supporting students has value, read this […]

“Join the Conversation” – Interview with Dr. Ronald Ambrosetti

In this episode, we interview Dr. Ronald Ambrosetti, president of Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans, Louisiana.  […]

Connecting with Prospective Students

Just in case you missed the essay written by Catherine Sloan for Inside Higher Ed, I am providing the link.  […]

Inside MassArt’s New Residence Hall

Interesting elements in the new residence hall at MassArt. Great example of an institution that is “getting it right” in […]

Student Housing through an International and Technological Lens

In student housing, many things clamor for our attention day in and day out. Sometimes it is something small, while […]

“Join the Conversation” – Interview with Dr. Joseph Bertolino

In the first episode of Join the Conversation we interview Dr. Joseph Bertolino, president of Lyndon State College. To subscribe […]

Are Student Residents Customers?

I recently read an article published by the non-profit Center for American Progress and it really got me thinking. I’ve […]

Reflections on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits

When I read in the newspaper of the passing of Stephen Covey at the age of 79 from injuries sustained […]

Economic Mobility

A study on Economic Mobility released by the Pew Charitable Trusts, reports that the majority (84%) of American adults continue […]